What is the best way to view large resolution pictures?

November 16, 2007 12:19am CST
There are some fabulous looking pictures on the Net these days with a resolution height between 1024 and 1600. When you look at them in real size... they almost look life like. Only problem is... they don't fit on your monitor screen and you need to scroll the picture from top to bottom. I only have a 17 inches monitor... and despite using the biggest resolution... it does not do the trick. It only slightly improve it. I also tried to watch them on my television... but that was not good either. So what is the trick... besides buying a monitor of 1600 pixels high? What size monitor would you need to achieve 1600 pixels in height?
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@dajiale (108)
• China
16 Nov 07
Usually I only use pictures of resolution height between 1024*768, I have the same problem you meet, my monitor screen is also 17 inches. Why not use the same resolution pictures with me? It`s more small of memory the 1027*768 than 1024*1600 of the same picture. Or maybe you can use some software to conver them. Like photoshop.
• Australia
16 Nov 07
Actually... I got my facts wrong. When I said "they look fantastic in real size" "Real size" is 800x600 resolution which I am using. So I guess... to see the full picture in 800x600... I would need a 34 inches monitor.
@chunter (1761)
• Singapore
16 Nov 07
Your 17-inch monitor, which I'm assuming is 4:3 aspect ratio LCD monitor, can support resolution of 1280x1024...same as a 19-inch LCD monitor 20-inch, 21-inch and 22-inch LCD monitor have 1600x1200 resolution 24-inch and most 28-inch LCD monitor have resolution of 1920x1200 As for watching on TV...depends on what TV you are using...