why do you study english

@paintwet (165)
November 16, 2007 9:33am CST
i even dont know why i study english,so my english is very poor. why do you study english?
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• China
19 Nov 07
MY reason is very easy ,I study english make mony !
@paintwet (165)
• China
11 Dec 07
study english can make money??? i dont think so.
• Singapore
16 Nov 07
ahh, i study english for pass our school exam when i in china's school, now i study abroad, an english enveriment, so my inist to learn english to improve. but now, my english also poor, so i need to study hard more,haha~~`
@paintwet (165)
• China
11 Dec 07
study abroad? admire you!
@kirei24 (252)
• Philippines
3 Apr 09
Think about it paint... If you dont study english you will not be able to have a discussion here and make friends with different nationalities. Also earned by posting in mylot. hehe =) I studied english because i have no choice. All schools here have english subjects in thier curiculum. From nursery, primary schools, high school up to universities. Some lessons are being teach using english language like mathematics and science. But im really glad that i studied and learned to speak english. It helps me in a lot of ways and give me some opportunities. Speaking english has a great advantage in getting a better job.
@sophialin (2677)
• China
29 Mar 08
english is the widely used language in world.many countries regard it as the first language,in addition,many countries use it as the second language.if you want to develop yourself and have a foreign experience some day,it's better for you to improve your english,or you have no need to learn it. good luck!
@MelanieW (66)
• Indonesia
11 Mar 08
Only studied at school. Never had a couse for it. I might say that english is important because it a universal language. You can travel around the world and yet you can still communicate with people. So i think it is really beneficial to learn English.
@jsae29 (1120)
• Philippines
10 Mar 08
we study english to be able to communicate with other people from other countries. you can check out this learning center...www.multilingual.com.ph
• India
12 Dec 07
English is a world pupular language , If you have a good engligh you will get the job , you can communicate very easily see the example here in my lot , here all are in different countrys without english how we all communicate how we will chat , its impossible . So you must study english any way i cant avoid because english is my part of life .
• China
25 Nov 07
Communication with the other people from different countries.
• Pakistan
23 Nov 07
English is an important language which could be spoken and understood all over the world. It is a rich enough and lot of books of knowledge and information are easily available in English. We are living in global village and we should speak such a language which could be understood from east to west of the globe. English is basic need of every developing person and nation. If we could not understand it we will be left and forced to go backward.
@ebtenorio (765)
• Philippines
22 Nov 07
Why do we study English? It has been the "universal language" now and that almost all people know (even a bit) of the language... foreigners often use English that they may understand each other! So do us! Like now, We are conversing in English! We might harness more our "a bucket" of English by reading English texts or watching movies! The world today lives in the world of information.. and most of the information relayed are in English! Just go by the wave!
@httpx0 (302)
• France
21 Nov 07
I study english because my school requires it, but also because I think it's a beautiful language (I'm french) and I like to see movies in VO, so I have to learn english to understand them. I like music too, and I like to understand to what i'm listening :) Finally, I try to improve my english because there's a lot of english websites on the Web and I also would like to live in US later. I guess that's all, oh also i forgot, i find english (and american) people very nice so I study english because I want to speak to them, and mostly because i want to understand them lol
@yanqiyao (146)
• China
21 Nov 07
if you want to live in a higher level, you would find the importance of english. It's also OK that your english is poor in China, but that means you have less opportunities in job hunting. If you got another excellent skill or gift, don't put it so hard in english learning. This is my opion. Getting started to do something is another thing. and getting to study is never late. The point is that you got to have the faith that one day u will success. not just become a good english speaker, but also have mastered an ability to learn.
• China
17 Nov 07
When I first started my secondary school, the only reason I studied English was to pass the exam and get good marks.And gradually,I found myself had feel in love with it,because i was praised by my teachers frequently,which made me very pop among my classmates.I enjoy that feeling.Until I entered university,I still held that as my motiwation to learn English.Now,since English is my major,I have to study hard to get myself qualified in this.And with the contact with many international teachers,I do feel that using English freely is really magnificent!