Do you prefer going shoping alone or with a company?

shop - Do you prefer going shopping alone or with a company
@jiangli (363)
November 16, 2007 11:00am CST
I prefer doing shopping alone for one simple reason. if i have a company i fell really stressed because i do not want to make people waiting me to finish my shopping,So i prefer being alone.
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@youless (104216)
• Guangzhou, China
27 Nov 07
I don't like to go shopping alone, it is a little bit boring for me. Besides, I am unable to ask others' suggestions if I hesitate to buy something in the department store. When I have a company and we can chat and I feel happier to go shopping together. I will especially buy more things if I am with a company.
@beyonce03 (2331)
• Canada
19 Nov 07
I also prefer to go shop alone and I think it,s for the same reason as you. I always look at things more faster when I'M with someone. Of crouse I like going to the malls with friends when I don't have nothing particular to check and I just want to psend free time. But most of the time, when I go to the mall, it,s because I have something to buy or to check, so I will go alone
@pinay81 (1537)
• Philippines
18 Nov 07
i prefer to shop alone because so nobody can distureb me or saying lets go home, or pls faster, i almost spend for about 5 hrs in 1 shopping mall i like to go around check all the stall specially the clothes and shoes section:-)
@cher913 (25853)
• Canada
16 Nov 07
i also prefer to shop alone. i tend to find things then go to another store then go back to the first store. i remember shopping for a necklace to go with a dress for a wedding, we went thru the whole mall only to go back to the first store (but fortunately my hubby is a patient guy!)