I've finally reached a conclusion about life.

United States
November 16, 2007 2:13pm CST
I don't care, i'll find out everything when i'm dead or maybe i won't, but really i don't care. In the mean time, i'm going to enjoy a taco, party like crazy and enjoy my hopefully short life. Now i'm off to run to Donatos and get some pizza and hopefully pick a fight with a big bald guy who can and will beat the hell out of me becuase he doesnt like me. Also, i think ill go and party till i can't stand any longer. Actually ill do that, Then ill pick the fight with the big bald guy. Ok i'm done.
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@mysdianait (66009)
• Italy
16 Nov 07
Uhm.... you going to have a good time aren't you? You could have wished us a good time too! You didn't even ask if we wanted a pizza - what bad manners! Suppose this means you'll be having a late night and won't be here until late tomorrow - are we supposed to keep your seat warm here for you? You shouldn't just consider yourself you know - we just might miss you while ou're gone eheheheh
• China
18 Nov 07
It seems that you are leading not so good a life; maybe anybody around you have hurt you or ^ but a positive attitude is important for anyone ;so learn to enjoy your life ,and you will have more fun ^ cheer up!
@murciaman (441)
19 Nov 07
dont think your philosophy is up there with Aristotle, Plato Socrates and the like but hey nice try..whatever floats your boat...personally im in favour of a long long life ...enjoyment is not about partying ..in fact if you party too much you will indeed have a short life...i believe our time on earth is limited and we have a duty to make the most of our lives...you never know what is around the corner..and this should be the motivation for living life to the fullest... it is a precious gift we only get once..so hey make the most of it...PS not a good idea to pick fights with baldy guys or any guys come to that...