Pedestrians and vehicle law codes

@Qaeyious (2362)
United States
November 16, 2007 11:46pm CST
Tonight I feel a little good - instead of playing the martyr and putting up with ignorant motorists in this area, I actually screamed at one tonight and called him -- a common expletive used here in the United States that is translated as the "orifice used to eliminate solid waste from the human body." I will be feeling proud of myself for finally standing up for myself, though that ignorant criminal behind the wheel in this area will continue its violent attacks on innocent pedestrians. So I made sure I am correct according to California law, and it is so - as long as I do not step right in front of a moving vehicle at an intersection where the "crosswalks" are not marked, the driver of the vehicle has to take "due vigilance" as to the safety of the pedestrian. When I crossed at the intersection, the vehicle was at least 100 yards to my left; I was almost to the other side when it caught up to me, and it was riding closer to the curb than the middle of the lane. And it had the audacity to honk at me. That's where I screamed "It's an intersection, ___ (the word described in the first paragraph) So anyway -- my mother married an army sergeant when I was nine and we moved to Germany. We were taught NEVER to cross the road, because there the vehicle ALWAYS have the right of way (this was late 1960's in case it was changed) My question to all myLot citizens is - how pedestrian-friendly is your community? Do they tolerate jaywalkers (people crossing in-between intersections and not on designated crosswalks) or do the motorists generally at least tolerate pedestrian-friendly laws? Or is it more a game of "Catch as Catch Can ..."
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