how many of you play super selector

@binny29 (1527)
November 17, 2007 1:50am CST
if you are a cricket lover then you shoudl be paticipating super selcetor its a great way to enjoy your match and enjoy see your players performing so how mnay of you actively play super selector
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20 Feb 11
I play it every time its there. Amazing game. This year the prizes are absolutely fantastic. A site is giving away 3 Lac cash prizes. Its a must play this time. The http://www.22bestdeals,com site also has a ongoing contest on their site where they are giving away 250 Rs discount coupons and a chance to win a Numero Uno sun-glass worth Rs 2500 every week just on participation. You can have a look at their special page
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19 Nov 07
Whats it ? I didn't heard of it . Can we participate online ? Are we gonna get any money for that ? After all what we should do , we should select the playing 11 ? or anything like that ? Please reply with more details , am waiting to hear from you .
• India
17 Nov 07
this is sports world - any better channel i doubt
I real feel sorry that even though i am a hardcore cricket fan,i dont play super selector.i have seen my friends play it and they have asked if i am interested,i said i was not.its mainly because i usually dont have time.also i am not aware about how to play the game and what are its rules.when i see sports centre i usually see some scores and i use to wonder what actually these things are and just change the channel.i think now its time for me to just have a look into what it actually is.i think you are a great player of super selectorand if you can please do give me some tips on how to play and what are the tricks and methods of winning.