Which mobile brand do you have?

November 17, 2007 2:30am CST
Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Motorolla..Each of us have at least tried a couple or two different kinds of mobile phones. I use to have a Nokia, a Siemens and now I stick to Sony Ericsson which I find excellent! What about you? What features do you want your mobile to have and in what brand do you always find them?
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@kwenge (2489)
• Kenya
17 Nov 07
I have a Nokia N73. I find it excellent because it has all the features i want in a phone and more. the features i want include : Web applications, bluetooth, fm radio, keyboard/computer features among others.
• Cyprus
17 Nov 07
That's interesting. Thanks for responding
@aries_0325 (3060)
• Philippines
3 Jan 08
I would choose Nokia from all of the brand you mention. I would suggest that you choose a Nokia model. Because it more and have a great features rather than other cellphone. Beside of that, Nokia cellphone have a capabiity to make it to beautiful because of the availability of some parts. It is a user friendly cellphone. I have to use it for more than 10 years now so that for me the best cellphone is Nokia.
@ericajoyce (1746)
• Philippines
30 Nov 07
Hi, eftychiap. My cellphone brand is Nokia. I have never used another another mobile brand. Im already contented with Nokia.
@cooltj89 (387)
• India
22 Nov 07
I have nokia 7610 right now but im planning to get the newly released nokia express music phone 5610.........which is ultra cool with 3.2 mp camera and the best music phone in nokia as it could play music for 22 long hours continuously with its special dedicated audio chip........wht say??
• Philippines
22 Nov 07
I, too, have a lot of models since i started using mobile phones. I don't like siemens, it's not user friendly. Motorolla is also good but i did not stay long in this models. Sony ericson is good too especially when it comes to its technology. It has a lot od animations, i like it too. But it is not that user-friendly too. For me i like Nokia the most because of its being user-friendly. But remember that not all popular and user-friendly phones are the best. They have their respective capability, design, features and appearance that the users have to decide.
@lauczi (964)
• Poland
22 Nov 07
I had in my life motorola, than siemens, than Sony Ericsson, and now i own samsung. I buy everytime other brand to make my opinion on each brand. BUt there is 1 exeption: i really dont like NOKIAs and i wont buy it. I like all the phones i used, but the samsung makes me crazy, and as soon as i have too much money im going to buy other mobile (i have samsung for 4 months and the screen is already broken). I was thinking of siemiens but the company is now Benq, and i dont know weather the mobiles are as great as Siemens was.
@unruly13 (13)
• Philippines
20 Nov 07
i have sony ericsson..i find it awesome because it has a good durability, sound quality and very usable for hang-outs or gimmicks...i now have the unit W710i.. lets text sometime :)
@terrych (1227)
• United States
18 Nov 07
I have a siemens now, it is a good phone, and also look good...
@irenego1 (99)
• Hong Kong
18 Nov 07
with so many brand of phones out there. its hard to choose. i have used nokia, sony ericson, motorola. i like the nokia more. because of its more friendly user. i like the camera feature, text messaging, 3g phones.
@mamasan34 (6520)
• United States
18 Nov 07
Right now I have an LG and I am very unhappy with it. I paid $150 for this phone and it has already malfunctioned on me within 2 months of me having it. I had to send it back for a replacement for the phone. My last phone I had was much better. It was a nokia and it was the best phone I have had in a long time. It lasted over 3 years and was still going strong. I guess that is what I get for trying to upgrade from something that worked fine in the first place.
@Ohara_1983 (4119)
• Kuwait
17 Nov 07
Nokia 5610 - My Phone
I'm a Nokia Lover now i have the latest one "The Xpress music" i never use sony,siemens or ect. i already stuck in this kind of phone for me its easy to use evn the features.
• Singapore
17 Nov 07
I've changed a number of mobile phones and currently uses Sony Ericsson. I've used Smasung once, and Nokia phones I had a few different models before.