How do you look upon a person who likes express himself(herself) very much?

November 17, 2007 4:49am CST
In our real life,there are some people who want to express himself(herself) very much,and many others often loss their own judgement and believe what they have said readily.I dislike these kind of people very much but I often meet them,and I am often puzzled because my opinion about what they have said is often different with others'.I don't know whether I am wrong,and whether I should chime in with them.If I reserve my opinion ,I will be isolated;if I chime in with them and believe those people readily,it will be unfair to me .I don't know how to do,please give me advice,thanks!
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@elairz (260)
• Malaysia
17 Nov 07
usually i stick to my own opinion. and i didn't bother to mention my opinion, i kept it to myself. let them think whatever they want as long they leave me in peace.
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• China
17 Nov 07
Thanks! You are a very independent person.