schumacer or alonso

November 17, 2007 9:24am CST
so people tell me who is better considering inexperience factor development in technology the support factor and skill n technique
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18 Nov 07
No doubt about it MICHEAL SCHUMACHER is the choice for me. 99% of the people will go with Mike. he is just so perfect in his techniques,skills infact in everything. He had reached to such a fame that no other driver had got. I had heard that Schumi is returning to F-1 with Renault. Lets keep our finger crossed and wait for his 2nd successful innings! Schumi just Simply ROCKS!
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@gerald_lian (2190)
• Australia
18 Nov 07
Definitely Schumacher. Why? Because he has shown himself to be capable of clawing back to win championships while Alonso hasn't. Besides, Schumacher has made many daring overtaking maneuvres and succeeded beautifully, and he shows hunger for success; on the other hand, Alonso at most only has a few good overtaking maneuvres to his name.
@malkaff (171)
• Romania
14 Jul 08
Schumacher is the best!:)
6 Jul 08
cetainly shummy...alonso is gud too...but when it comes agianst shumacar....its definitely the german
• Philippines
4 Jul 08
well alonso is a two-time world champion, one of his strongest point is his mastery of neutral steer which makes him slice thru corners..his determination is also a big plus but in terms of attitude...a lot of things needs to work up on this. as for schumi...7 times world champ...rainmaster..his ability to maximize corner lines to his advantage in a very flawless fashion (nurturing his tires)...his personal dedication to ferrari even immersing himself with the development of the car...among others. to sum it all up...alonso had just begun...schumi---a legend.
@WilsonXu (47)
• China
25 Jun 08
Schumi of course. maybe we still need to wait for the next Schumi.
@tintinn (277)
21 Jun 08
I used to like schumacher. I think he was and is good. But now I personally like Alonso too. I think he is good for technique.
• India
28 May 08
obviously comaprison only..he's one of the greatest
• India
8 Apr 08
i think there is no need to even ask this question... its just ridiculous to ask to ask this question there' no comparison between alonso and shumacher... if u want an complete explaination to this .... read this... the time in which shumacher came to f1 cars were not upto that mark which they are now... it needed more of a skill to drive than now days... handling of cars was not that easy... now the cars r aerodynamically more suitable to drivers than b4 although g force has increased on the drivers but still technology is far more better than before.... there are many more reasons but um not in a mind to tell them now... so the conclusion is shumacher is the best....
@shyamlal (3535)
• India
16 Mar 08
Alonso is no where near Schumi.Schumi is the best,and he proved it in the racing track and not by press conferences or controversies which seems to be the style of Alonso.
29 Feb 08
the comparison is impossible, Schumacher runs and struck of the bore of Senna, Prost, Mansell, Hill, Hakkinen... Alonso was beaten by a rookie last year...don't forget it..
@elfkitty (30)
• China
3 Feb 08
i think alonso is skill and technique because of his clam ,which i think is very important to a title.
@meetprem (20)
• Denmark
28 Dec 07
Kimi Raikkonen.. He's he best ever..
@steerforth (1798)
• Italy
1 Dec 07
Schumacher for me is the best driver. Without him the F1 is changed a lot. He won a lot of titles and it's not because he is lucky. He's a great driver.
@nitrodona (418)
• Italy
24 Nov 07
I think that Schumacher is still the best driver in the circus, and i think also that is the best driver of the new millenium. In this days (after one year of stop) she has tested the Ferrari without electronical aids (from the next season the traction control is prohibited) and she has stopped the clock in an incredible time! Schumi has also great capacitiy in strange race situations and is very fast in the quick single lap. For all this reasons i think that Schumacher is in another level, Alonso in this season is shown very fragile with the mind, the pressure of his team mate was a big problem for Fernando and the felling with the team is decreased week by week. For me Schumacher doesn't have opponent in this generation of racing drivers
@alextyl (63)
• Malaysia
20 Nov 07
From the statistic or in the history, it is definitely Schumacher will be the best.. But you also can see that the last season Schumacher debut, he is challenged by Alonso. and Alonso win the battle as for me Alonso more skillful than Schumacher but Schumacher is more experienced in what so ever including technical, setup, motivation, attitude, face with media, handling pressure and so on.. the development technology in the car is also the main factor in the formula 1.. if you put a talented driver in a poor car team, it is sure he will not win any race. so, i think Schumacher is the man!!