Why don't little people like being called midgets?

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November 17, 2007 1:45pm CST
Do they find it offensive? If they do what could be offensive about the word midget?
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4 Jun 09
It's like calling a mentally challenged person a retard. It's kinda offensive.
@Annmac (949)
29 Mar 08
It's not the word but the way in which it is said!!! Also it's used for people who aren't Midgets. A Midget is the old 'medical' term for what is now called Pituatry Dwarfism. Anyone under the height of 4ft 10 is 'medically' speaking a Dwarf, if they are of normal proportions it's often caused by insufficient Pituatry Hormones being produced in child-hood, as in my case. Most people could call me a midget or dwarf and be correct though why they feel the need to tell me what I already know is beyond me. However, I'm on the tall end at 4ft 9in and a woman in a very averaged sized family, people don't actually know that I'm a Dwarf so are using it then in an offensive way. My SON would without treatment have been even smaller and athough he's 5ft 4in he grew up listening to bullies calling him 'names' too! Disproportionate dwarfism causes lack of even that height, but the old term was Dwarf not Midget and the causes are usually 'genetic' and when you grow up hearing the words thrown at you as an insult, then is it any surprise we link the words to the insult. It's the same at the other extreme, the term 'Giant' can be used offensively! For some reason, the average person equates lack of height with lack of brain! Possibly they can't see beyond the 'child'! Though why they also think that excessive height means lack of a brain too puzzles me. Say it in a derogatory manner and I'll react to that, not to the word used. In the same way that you'd react if I called you Mr Average Height all the time, In a way that suggested you were somehow 'inferior' because of it! Grow up and just call people...... people!