moral and money for doctor?

@khateya (264)
November 18, 2007 8:51am CST
In developing country we can see that most doctors prefer to help only for those who have money and they ignore the poor!!! this is really a bad attitude of a doctor!! I went to rural areas that i can see many of these cases. I am going to report it to ministry of health do deal with this situation. In your country do you have the same problem? How would you do if you meet such situation?
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@lionmuri (68)
• Indonesia
20 Nov 07
please be real they look for money to life doctor should do what they do even asked for money but us as his patient should do doctor not a healer ,they just part of our life health should be keep by our self keep better then heals
20 Nov 07
it's not common for such a situation in my country. i think it's a big problem which cannot be solved by one person's power. Firstly,government should take some effective measures,just like offering more subsidy to doctors so that they will not to be too money-oriented, improving the hospital rules and so on, to change this negative situation. Secondly,school should do someting to make their students who will be the doctor in future realize that professional moral is as important as their professional skill.And affect their character in a positive way. Whatever,it's no denying that it will be a relative long time to change such a stiuation,which leave us noting to do but pray.
@linben (132)
20 Nov 07
Well, let's say it's a realistic world now. If you can't afford the medical care fee, then the operation is not likely to be carried out soon cos hospital are also living on money. Most doctors nowadays only care for money, they got no medical ethics i'm afraid. They've no idea of what Hippocrates:the oath of medicine is about." That you will lead your lives and practise your art in uprightness and honor. That into whatsoever house you shall enter, it shall be for the good of sick to utmost of your power, your holding yourselves far aloof from wrong, from corruption, from the tempting of others to vice". What a shame!!
@izathewzia (5139)
• Philippines
19 Nov 07
It is a common observation already. In our country, doctors are among the professions that earns really big. But we cannot discount the fact that there are still few of them who do charity works using their profession. like those who hold medical missions or the flying doctors.
@Gyan_guru (364)
• India
19 Nov 07
My country is India..this is common in our country..but now ppl are revolting and media is helping themm..i have seen many events in near past where sing operations were carried and doctors were suspended with the diference the media created in our country..
@RiCOCHET (71)
• Philippines
18 Nov 07
hello khateya, how are you? :) well sadly, it's not just only doctors who prefer to help those who have money. well their not actually helping, they are receiving payment for there labor. Almost all professionals are like that, it's a trend in the world today. Let's face it, all of them work for money, and if you would find some of the professionals who are willing to help without pay, your lucky. In hospitals, those who have money for payment are first attended to, well that's because, the hospital is run by money and needs money to survive. Let's put our selves into the place of a doctor, if you would be like them, studying for let's say 10years, payed all tuitions, and passed the board by luck... would you spend your time and effort without gaining pay? it's their right... You know what must be done? the government should pay doctors to attend people who have no money. It is the governments responsibility to ensure wellness in all their citizens.
• Malaysia
18 Nov 07
Hi khateya, hv you ever seen a doc who is poor? In my country doctors really make a lot of money especially the Specialist doctor. It's good biz cause everyday there are people getting sick. But I cant say tht doc do not help the poor.It is their responsiblity to treat. You can go to government or public hospitals or clinics for cheaper or free medication.
@gerald_lian (2190)
• Australia
18 Nov 07
Yes, my home country is also facing this situation. I remember there was once a brawl occured in front of a hawker centre and someone got seriously hurt and bleeding profusely. Passers-by called the nearest doctor for help but you know what the doctor said? The doctor said if the guy wants help, he should get up and walk by himself to his clinic. Come on, the guy is bleeding profusely and semi-unconcscious, how is he going to walk?! Until the passer-by agreed to pay for the medical fees that the doctor sent an ambulance to help the injured guy. I think the government should do something to curb the problem of unqualified doctors and doctors who have wrong mindsets, because these type of doctors are really ruining the country and the world as a whole.