Will Steve Nash me in the MVP race again?

United States
November 18, 2007 11:37pm CST
So what do you think? Lets get some good discussions going here! Is he good enough this year? Last year was his best statistical year and he ended up second in the MVP race...so what do you think he has to do to win it? If not Nash the who??
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@Oland18 (63)
• Philippines
26 Nov 09
Well as of now Nash is no. 1 in Race then after him is Kobe. Nash will win his 3rd this year.
@elmiko (6630)
• United States
28 Sep 08
I think he will be but not as much as he was in the past. He does got shaq to dish the assists to for the easy dunks as well as amare. There more of a defensive team now though. Nash does better playing a running game because honestly I think thats the way hes best naturally. Amare is probably going to be more of the focus since he is younger as well as having great ability. Amare reminds me of a young shaq. If shaq can be 100% defensive minded with no offensive intentions (except when its an easy field goal like a dunk or a lay up without powering in) they can have a great team next year as the past proves great centers who are all about defense and rebounds win more games for their team. Just think of Bill Russell in the 60s and Wilt Chamberlin in the early 70s when his team won 33 straight games.
@slavezero (833)
• Philippines
21 Feb 08
i don't think nash can get another mvp trophy this season. the battle for this seasons mvp is very tight. it's very hard to pick when you have a selection of lebron james, kobe bryant, dwight howard, kevin garnett, steve nash and even chris paul to win the mvp. my fearless forecast would be kobe bryant taking home the mvp trophy. because he really carried the lakers team at his back. the lakers are good even before they acquired pau gasol. but now that the lakers have gasol the lakers will be hard beat.
• China
6 Feb 08
if KG won't win```then it will be nash ```
@jerjero (17)
• Philippines
20 Feb 08
if nash continue to play like the one vs. in dallas he will be the MVP again.. but if he is not my other vote si dwite howard! he is really good..
@Darjawa (49)
16 Sep 08
Steve Nash used to be my favourite NBA player. Steve has all what it takes and I am sure he will remain in the best point guards for years to come. But, time shows.
• Philippines
28 Nov 07
Nash has been the core of the Phoenix offense. He has brought the team to different heights. With the rise of so many names of superstars in the nba, Steve Nash would definitely have a hard time regain his crown of being NBA Mvp. It doesn't really matter how many MVP crowns can Nash get. The one thing that matters is their team to be NBA champions. In the 2 seasons of reign by Nash being the mvp, Phoenix still failed to get the championship. So whatever happens in the MVP race, i hope that Phoenix will finally get the Larry O Brien Trophy :)
@kebkeb (119)
• Philippines
21 Nov 07
Steve Nash will be in the MVP race again. But i doubt if he will be the MVP this year. I really hope that he will win his 3rd MVP award.
@ayou82 (3450)
• Philippines
19 Nov 07
Steve Nash he is the man.. the real man!
• United States
19 Nov 07
I totally think he's good enough this year. I know there has been talk about his age affecting his performance, but I really think it's just working out the opening season kinks. I think he should have been MVP last year. He'll be in the running this year for sure!!
@lyfhot61 (55)
• China
23 Nov 07
Of course Steve Nash will be in the MVP race again.His 3-ponit percentage and the number of assists are always very high.That is what makes him a perfect player.
• Philippines
7 Dec 07
I don't think steve's going for that MVP title...im i fan of steve and the suns...and i always believe that they can be champions with their running game style of play...so it wud be better of they win the NBA title rather than the MVP title