is it helpful?

November 19, 2007 11:22am CST
How internet is helpful in earning money? Is really it worth while? Can we make huge amount of money thru internet or thru mylot. advice me.
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20 Nov 07
It is good if you have a few hours free a day, and absolutely nothing to do and you have a main job as well... But it'd be near impossible to earn a living. I reckon if you put the dedication and time towards it, and knew how to and had a blog etc. etc. you could make over $100 a week~ not bad for pocket change, but you'd have to work for it!
@paulick (533)
• Denmark
19 Nov 07
I do not belive it is worth while unless you have a really really big downline. It takes to long time to make the money yourself, so you have to have a dwonline to help you.