I Need Some Singing Tips.

United States
November 19, 2007 3:28pm CST
Any kind of tip. I have an naturally deep voice.. and being a girl that seems annoying. Would that ruin anything for me when I sing? Also, I'm hoping to be able to sing.. opera. I know it might be weird to some people. But I feel that opera singers have more power and control of their voices. Any kind of help would be great! We don't have any voice lessons in my area.
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@Estina54 (387)
• United States
16 Dec 07
I wouldn't worry so much if I had a naturally deep voice. Amanda Leer was a female singer in the 80's, she had a male voice and she became famous because of it. If you paractice and get experience in singing you can find the kind of music that fits your voice.
• Australia
20 Nov 07
Hey! I'm not a classical/opera singer. However I do sing in a contemporary style. I'll offer a few tips. Please let me know if they are helpful. - always warm up. You can do this by humming up a scale. The idea of the humming is to make sure that you are relaxed when you sing. Make sure that you're mouth and neck are not tense. you should feel your lips vibrating! - Drink lots of water - it clears your throat. - Don't eat too much dairy - It clogs your throat. - When singing high, don't try to force it, you could damage your vocal chords. Practicing will strengthen your voice. If your throat starts to hurt, have a break. - To breath as a singer you need to use your diaphram. To do this, put your hand on your stomach just underneath your ribs. when you breath in you should feel your stomach push out. when you breath out it should go in. Practice this by walking - 6 steps breathing in, 6 steps holding, 6 steps breathing out, 6 steps relaxed etc. when you get good at that try 7 steps etc. - try scales with different vowel sounds. scales are boring but it is what makes you improve your singing. Hope this helps. Let me know if I can help any more!