Is your child a lounger, streaker, or a clothes wearer??

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November 19, 2007 4:56pm CST
What type of child do you have?? Mine are a streaker and a lounger. My daughter (3)never wants to be dressed. I chase her around the house all day with her clothes...she runs around in just her undies and its only 35 degrees out.. and my son (2) could wear pajamas every day of his life, he is such a lounger... Haha What type of child do you have?
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19 Nov 07
My boys 3 and 5 love to run around in there underware. As soon as they get home from school or being out the strip right down. They even wear there iunderware backward or inside out or both!! LOL. Hey whatever at least there wearing them!!
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6 Dec 07
So now I know what I have to look foreward to. Lol. Happy Holidays Thanks for the response.
@bobbyjoe143 (1287)
19 Nov 07
my son is 9 and would happily live butt naked all the time! lol. ever since he was able to crawl he has had a thing about having a bare behind hehe, he used to try to crawl away when i tried to put a fresh nappy on, as he got older and out of nappies, he would try and run off after baths and in the morning when it was time to get dressed. now he will get dressed when he is asked, but he still has his little habits, like sleeping naked (he is an only child, has his own room and privacy, so i don't see the need to force him to wear pjs), if he goes to a friends/family to stay, he has pjs, same for if he has someone stay here. he also hate wearing undies... i force him to for school, but at weekends, he's commando (urgh) it's a mini bone of contention for me, but as he gets older i have to let him be his own person...