Is DDT really that bad?

November 19, 2007 10:10pm CST
It has recently been announced that DDT might be making a comeback in countries hit by malaria. More recent studies they found that it does increase chances of cancer in teenage girls but is not as bad as once publicized. I do not think cancer is good, but in countries hit by malaria, this helps people to live longer lives. What do you think? Should the ban on DDT be lifted if it can help people live longer or is the risk of cancer and possibly other unknown problems to great?
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@JoyfulOne (6242)
• United States
20 Nov 07
This is my personal opinion...Yes, I believe ddt IS really that bad. I am a farmer, and the daughter of a farming family. Back when I was a kid (in the 50's & 60's) ddt was commonplace usage on farms. Then the government banned it's use. They don't usually ban something if it isn't safe, right?! Anyways, I helped in the fields, etc where this was used. I've had 2 different types of cancers, which dr's haven't a clue why I got them because I fit none of the profiles for people who get these types of cancers. My dad had cancers, and when he had open heart surgery, the surgeon was most perplexed that his lungs were (Drs words:) 'like melted together or something? I've never seen anything like it' In my farming community, we all talk, and lots of us feel that there is a correlation to the chemicals that our government said was 'safe' to use...and then rescinded their opinion. From what I've read of the malaria problems, I'm not sure, but the malaria (unchecked) might actually be worse than the random effects of the ddt. Who knows?! They're both bad. It just seems to me that they'd find something else to use besides ddt, which was banned for good reason. (Just my little opinion)
• Canada
20 Nov 07
I do agree that we must choose between the less of two evils, but malaria kills must faster than cancer, so they can live a slightly longer life. As for the government ban, it seems it was more due to public pressure and was done on the basis of only one experiment. Thanks for writing.
@deebomb (15319)
• United States
20 Nov 07
Yes it is that bad, One reason it was band was that it got in the water ways and was killing a lot of the wild life so you know it was also going to eventually kill people too. There has to be a better way. For one thing getting rid of stagnet water would be a good way. Countries should look into what was done at the Panama Canel when it was being built. Malaria Was killing off the workers then too. I don't rmember who or how but the contracter did get rif of the Malaria mosquetos at the time.