How to response when people flirt with you

November 19, 2007 11:13pm CST
I'm kind of nerf in socialising...may i know what kind of words can i use to flirt back with no harm? when i ask my fren they ask me to be myself but i can only ignore or smile coz i dunno what the things to say....can some1 teach me the art of flirting with examples? thanks
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• India
20 Nov 07
I feel it is something which should be natural. I agree with ur friend. If u want to flurt back or respond just do what u r good at..Ever person have there individual qualities.. style changes from person to person.
• Malaysia
20 Nov 07
i'm such a nerd that only good in smiling, i want to learn more conversation skills...if i never talk will be very boring
• India
20 Nov 07
You know something I like girls with a good smile..When i see a girl and i like that person .. i just pass a smile .. if the response is good from the other side then may be a Hi ... but i am quite similar to u so ... may be i dont know how to flurt..
• Philippines
2 Dec 07
If you're with someone you smiled at and still have time to be together, be yourself and be interested to the person next to you! Example, ask questions, like how are you today?....why are you here?....what makes you be here and state your reasons, too. From where he/she came from? If you have common reasons, exchange ideas perhaps...or ask if he/she has friends near the site. If you're interested to a person, many questions will just prop up your mind.
• South Korea
28 Nov 07
simple! if you like him,just accept. if you hate him,just decline.