Comeback to God

November 20, 2007 8:12am CST
For the last eight months, she forgot to pray and neglected her faith. Then she cut her ties with the Almighty. In hard times He's always there, but she ignored Him Who waned nothing but to take care of her every second of her life. She questioned His existence. She wondered if there ever was a God who made the cosmos. she forgot His infinite power, love and mercy. but who is she to question His Supreme being? Him, Who lords over all His dominion, who has Satan under His heel? Her, who is only a speck in a world full of grains of sand? Now, she vows to be closer to Him, to consult Him always so she won't get lost along the way. she learned that every obstacle isn't as difficult as it is if God is kept in mind and heart. She's unsure of what the future brings. She has to mull things over, until she finds her mind. She lost it somewhere. In the quagmire she created for herself, she has to think twice and plan things over before making any move. lest she wants to be a loser. She would always pray. So now... She's back. Forever, in the arms of her God.
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@deepup (4)
• Philippines
22 Nov 07
Definitely, the "she" in this article is you, darling. It sounds like you've finally found peace of mind when you allready are in the arms of your God. For me, it doesn't matter what faith you believe in, or what religion you are affiliated with, but the important thing is, you've finall found the most powerful Entity Whom you can rely on in hard and fun times. Just asking, but what religion do you belong?Hope you don't mind answering it...
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20 Nov 07
I am currently struggling with religion... I'm hoping soon I will find a satisfaction. I'm very happy that you found it. Well, assuming, it is you.
• United States
20 Nov 07
I'm not a Christian, but its great that she (who I have a feeling is you?) has found a religion to suit her. It is never a good thing to be lost and questioning what you believe in. I've been there. Oh, and I think this would belong in the religion intrest.
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