I need some new idea on what to make my family?

November 20, 2007 3:19pm CST
Hay guys, My family and i are getting realy board on eating the same old food every night. I would like to surprise them and make some thig dirfrent for once. Does any one have any suggestions on what i could make my family? It would be a ton of help.. Thanks for any one that can help me.
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20 Nov 07
The safest bet would probably be to try some Mediterranean food - Italian, Greek, even Spanish - there are quite a few very basic meals, that offer something different. Maybe you could try lasagna? There are some good recipes at http://allrecipes.com/Recipes/Pasta/Lasagna/Main.aspx that I would actually recommend - they're pretty much the same as my Italian grandmother makes, very quick and easy. If you'd like any more recipes to be getting on with, feel free to message me, I've got a stock of them lolz.
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20 Nov 07
Thank you very much for these resipes. my family and i thank you very much.