csi video game

November 20, 2007 9:24pm CST
Hay,guys has any one herd of the csi video game? I think it looks kinda cool. I think ill buy it for nintendo ds
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• United States
21 Nov 07
I have rented CSI from Gamefly this month and I think it's alright. You get to "work" with Warrick, then Nick, Greg and then Sara.. I did not finish it to the end as I was having trouble with my PS2. You have to collect evidence, run stuff through the computers and microscope, go see Brass and even go to the morgue - it has great graphics and the CSI's voices sound just like them so it just may be. I probably won't rerent it though but it was interesting and worth playing the first time.. to me anyway.
• United States
30 Nov 07
I have played the games and I really like them, they're fun and I think it's cool how you can interact with the characters and try to solve cases with them, and I also like how the graphics look too. These games are one of my favorite games right now.
• Romania
26 Jan 08
I played CSI Lv on my laptop. It was boring
15 Dec 07
i am really interested in the csi game. i have a nintendo ds, im looking into getting it for that. but i shall be buying a sony psp in a few weeks, and i was wondering does anyone know if they are planning on bringing it out for that too??