responsibility and Thanksgiving Day

@xingxx (24)
November 21, 2007 6:42am CST
Thanksgiving Day is coming.Happy to everyone.Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful day about the responsibility to remember.I heard a piece of news about the reponsibility.A billionaire was reported that he have no contribution to the society for no any donation,and I preferably consider it to be a joke rather than a report.The billionaire,s enterprise provideed so much post of duty to people,and payed so much tax to treasury.Aren,t they contribution?Every one has no obligation to give his money to another even if he is a millionaire,isn,t it?If he helps you ,please give thanks to him;and you had better no complaint to him if he turns a blind eye to your deep end,because he has no such obligation and responsibility to give you a hand.Yes?
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