Euro Cup 2008

November 21, 2007 9:16pm CST
do you think that portugal's going to win this year ? or do u think that their going to land in second place again. or worse now, without figo ? .
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25 May 08
well ronaldo may change the game so may be.
9 Jan 08
They was lucky to even make that far! I mean greece didn't play that well in the final so that tell you something, I don't think portugal have a goats chance of making anything except the exit door this year. Now before you say "but least we made it".. well you know that doesn't bother me because we've been to more and I know we don't need to cheat to win games. *wink *wink ~Joey
@stvasile (7306)
• Romania
22 Nov 07
I think it's to early to say. First of all, who knows what players will be going to Euro 2008? Accidents do happen. I believe that we can evaluate odds of winning the tournament after at least two of the group stage matches. Then, we will be able to compare the teams shape of the moment and name a team favorite.
@buddhan (28)
• India
27 Dec 07
I have 3 teams which I love the most With naani, ronaldo, and ricardo portugals are stronger than ever. Germans as always are at their best with Klose, Scheider etc. But i think Italy will do it...
• India
25 Nov 07
Its too early to comment upon it ... Lets wait & watch !!! wat u say guys ???
• China
30 Nov 07
I think Portugal will win!!!