Are We A Racist?

November 21, 2007 10:26pm CST
Well I just started my 3 discussion topics and fortunately there's 2 person who replied quickly. I thank them for that its a nice feeling since I'm still new in this site :o) On this 4th discussion that I thought about has nothing to do on whoever you are or whatever your status in life is. I'm just open to any discussions that my brain could ever reach. This is about "RACISM". Well its a very very long discussion and maybe unending topic as well but the mere fact is that there's still a lot of people in this world who are still a racist but they "DENY" it. They can be racist when it comes to Religion, Race, Color, Status etc. There's a lot of factor of being a racist. But I'm not saying I am a good person or whatever but I never been a racist I have friends from all walks of life Black, White, Yellow, Brown name it I know it. Religions is never been an issue to me I have Orthodox, Baptism, Muslim friend etc. So is it right to be a racist or let me put it this way do we have the right to judge anyone without looking ourselves in the mirror? Is that the right thing to do? Say what we feel? Be frank and straight forward even we hurt someone else's feeling? Write what you feel 'coz I myself was once a victim or racism but I don't need to prove anything just to please the person who's been a racist.
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@ayou82 (3459)
• Philippines
22 Nov 07
I hate those racist people.. i dont want and never like racist..
@lilaclady (28225)
• Australia
22 Nov 07
You know I think a lot of people are over sensitive about things these days, I think it is ok to say you don't like or that you disagree, for me if you don't agree with something should not make a person a racist, and yet I see see people you get branded this, I for one, it should be ok for people to have an opinion with out others looking deeper and seeing racism to it....