What would likely I become in the coming days?

November 21, 2007 11:17pm CST
I just want to hear your insights.... yes, I always doubt every time our semester ends.... should I change my program? Recently, it took 5 days for me to finish enrolling myself in this present semester.... I am really undicided if i will stay as accounting student or should I take another easy program MARKETING? i REALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO, Am I in the right track?
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@michecu (637)
• Philippines
22 Nov 07
Follow your heart's desire. If you think its Marketing, then go for it. Don't wait waste your time because if you waste your time on a thing which is not your desire, then you will just end up regretting things. Only you knows whats best for you...perhaps, you may also talk to your parents if they are supporting your education. Explain to them what is troubling you and I know they will come up with something that could help you decide.
• China
23 Nov 07
i totally support you contuine your what you are doing ,perhaps it's full of challenges ,to tell the truth iam a chinese student,maybe you can guess form my unnative english ,but i am a confident person ,i am 19 years old ,i always prefer to do the things which is tough ,because as we all know the society we're living is compitious ,only when you have some unique skills ,can you have the hope live at the top of the society ,maybe you think ''you're too naive to understnd that i face '',i want to tell you that i have challenged a lot of things i don't dare to do before ,the result is perfect ,so just try your best ,without challenge the life is just like plain boiled water without any taste
• China
23 Nov 07
why do you think the program MARKETING Is easy? maybe you will find the difficulty in the MARKETING when you change your program. i agree with janyzhu, life is full of challenges. and we must face some of them.