What morals and limits do you set for your children?

United States
November 22, 2007 2:24pm CST
I try to set limits and teach my kids good morals. Like you can't watch more than 2 hours of TV at one sitting or that no more video games or don't cross the street without an adult. Don't talk to strangers stuff like that. What do you teach your kids that should be taught to all the other kids in the world?
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22 Nov 07
I do not do the rule with the T.V. but my girls are 2 and 4 so they do stay in front of the T.V. They are always getting up and going in their room to play. They must address every adult with yes Ma'am and no Sir. Always look before crossing a street, of course they will not do that alone for a while. Lol. They must hold my hand crossing in a parking lot. They can not site close to the T.V. set. They have to clean up their messes when they are done playing. If we go to my dad's house and they play with my brother, they are to clean the room before they leave. They are not allowed to interrupt people when they are talking. Hmmmm, what else? No drinking or eating anywhere except for a kitchen table. Man, do I sound strict? Lol. No I think that these are things everyone should have been broght up doing. One of my biggest things is do not stand up in a shopping cart. I see kids always standing in the cart, and the parents do not say a word to them. They could fall and get hurt. I think that is aweful.
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24 Nov 07
Wow you sound like my mommy, just kidding. I tend to be real strict too. My sisters tell me that I am becoming our mother more and more day by day. I set boundaries for my girls and I want them to follow them. Thanks for your comment, sounds like your a great loving mom. Take care.