At least three operators to bid for mobile TV licence

@ahgong (10064)
November 23, 2007 12:18am CST Well, from the looks of it, it seems we will be watching TV on our mobile very soon. Which brings me to the question, if I were to throw away all the TVs in my home, and subscribe to mobile TV, will I still have to pay for the radio and TV license fee at the end of the year? I wonder if streaming the TV programs on our tiny mobile screens will be smoother than the irritating MobileTV that was launched on buses a few years ago. IT seems that fad is over now and most of the monitors that are installed in the buses are just white elephants now. What a waste of resources. And they are increasing our fares but not providing the service as promised. But that is another topic altogether. As it is, the current generation of teens and kids are already glued to the tiny screens of PSP2 and other hand held video devices when they are commuting. You see them teetering with their devices in the lifts, while queuing for food, while shopping with their parents... etc etc. With the proliferation of TV programming into the mobile phone, will this produce a new generation of TV addicts? Especially children who are holding high end handsets, the cost of subscribing to this service is well within their reach. What is to stop them from subscribing to watch TV while commuting?
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