Did eveyone take a nap? We didn't!!!

We didn't eat a lot and didn't get sleepy! - turkey dinner
United States
November 23, 2007 6:35am CST
I think I've proven that it's the big meal that makes us tired and not the tryptophan in the turkey that puts people to sleep on Thanksgiving. I ate very little and never even yawned!! This is the first year I didn't have to go in for a nap after Thanksgiving dinner but I'm eating a lot less now. We were all so caught up on talking that we ate very little at the first sitting and ended up going for seconds later in the day and my son and granddaughter even had thirds..lol. Do you think this disproves the "turkey makes us sleepy" theory"?
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@pyewacket (44031)
• United States
24 Nov 07
There was actually a segment on the news about that. That it's actually how much one eats at any holiday meal that will make one groggy and not the tryptophan in the turkey. Like you I don't chow down too much at Thanksgiving now either. I did one year though, I ate so much I was not only sleepy and groggy, but downright uncomfortable..so vowed never to do that again, and I haven't..LOL
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@terrych (1227)
• United States
23 Nov 07
Well, I believe that theory... and last night I was really sleepy after the dinner so I went to bed early (it was almost 8), and I slept until this morning... I feel a lot better now...
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