The best April's fool day trick?

November 23, 2007 6:45am CST
The best ever trick done on me was done by a teacher. He was our History teacher (back in Macedonia) and she was a very serius person. Fair but very strick. So it was our last period for the day she walked in and said put your books in your bags we are having a test. We all freaked out as we had no idea we started complaining that we were not ready so she started yelling at us so we stoped. So off we went she gave us the questions and we started the test. 2 minutes before the bell she told us pens down she came got the tests and dumped them in the bin. We realised that she tricked us and it was very funny. Can you tell us any tricks that you did to someone or it was done by someone to you or someone you know?
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@wolfie34 (26791)
• United Kingdom
24 Nov 07
Thank you for sharing! That reminded of when I was at school too our teacher had us all fooled, He said that there was a celebrity coming to our school was flying in by helicopter, sounds far fetched now but as kids you were naive and when a teacher tells you something you treat it as gospel. Anyhow he had us all out in the school playing field waiting for this helicopter and after five minutes of us looking up in the sky and getting stiff necks, he burst out laughing and said April Fool! Funny looking back now.
• Australia
25 Nov 07
that is a good one as well I bet you would have stayed there longer had he not loughed.
@Aussies2007 (5339)
• Australia
23 Nov 07
That was a mean trick... coming from a teacher. laugh Cannot really remember people playing tricks on me. Perhaps the people that know me... knows that I don't have much of a sense of humour for stupidity. laugh.
• Australia
23 Nov 07
mind you I would have never expected anything like that from her. I love I good joke and I dont care if I am the one that is loughed at.
@aaidjs (1149)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
23 Nov 07
Hello Dear,Last year I was listening our local radio station and I heard that in the new Mall start a bid spring sale,All Brands for a 10 kuna about $1,50!!It was early morning,maybe 5 oclock and i put my dress in minute, awakened up my daughter and we was there for 15 minutes and a lot of others!!I was very exciting and we wait until 8.30 am. when we saw a car with our radio station logo!!They told us that all was 1. April jock and they give us all a chocolate bar and cup of coffee as a present!!I wasn't angry but my daughter was ! You and Regards Silvana
• Australia
23 Nov 07
oh thats a good one you just made me lough so much my dear. They did a competition on tv in Macedonia. They said who ever gave the answer of some question will win a car and showed a close up of a car. So this older man got it right and they told him to come pisc it up so he went and they gave him a toy car he was very angry.