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@OUT2WIN (669)
United States
November 23, 2007 11:35am CST
Anyone else know of this site? If not I'll inform you about it:1)They pay out with advertising credits only but call their "advertising credits" words like "Money", "Cents","Cash" and even uses dollar signs when showing you your account status. 2)They offer payout though Paypal and Egold but, in the TOS put that they don't pay out and if you request a payout they can delete your account. They make it appear that you can cash out and the homepage/splash page they use says they pay out at $50. 3)I had over 130 referrals through them and was making between 50 and 100 "advertising credits" per day off my downline until one day (after I had made over $1,600) the money stopped coming in. I viewed my downline page and sure enough, all my referrals were still clicking, but no credits earned on my side. 4)I wrote them to find out what was up after 1 week and still showing activity but, not being credited for anything. They wrote me back,"This past week we removed a lot of inactive accounts. This is why you aren't receiving credits from a lot of your referrals. If your referrals don't click, you don't earn. You can view your referrals activity through your downline option in your account status section."5)So all 130 of my referrals who were making me a good amount of "advertising credits" (thats what they are, not cash like they advertise) all stopped clicking and were deleted? Even though I was constantly making over 50 per day off them? 6)I logged in today and now have 91 referrals, with over 3/4 of them still active. My balance is 12 cents....They advertise that you make between 200% or more from them clicking and at the high point of this all, they did credit me 200% or more, but what happened?Just by reading the above, who could I report this to? Companies like this one need to be shut down or made to properly advertise how they really operate. It's a sticky situation I think because they say everything in the TOS, but advertise and show on all the pages that they pay 2 to 10 cents per click. They use egold and paypal in a negative way and I'm wondering if they know they are being used on a site as payout, that doesn't payout. Who can stop or reform this site?
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