If you had to prefer something from these three things, what would it be?

@isaelmas (159)
November 23, 2007 1:19pm CST
I will give you three Options 1)Murder 2)adultry 3)wine Before you chose i would like to narrate a short story Once a man was given these three options to chose from, he thought for a while and said that he would chose "wine" because he knew that murder and adultry are grave sins than wine. So he decided to have wine. Once he took it, he lost control and he murdered a person and commited adultry. The moral is wine is the source of Evil, though taken in small quantity it can be bad. So In Islam consumption of wine is prohibited. Allah Is knower of all things.He has provided us many good things to have and warned us about bad things in the Glorious Quran that if we chose bad things its gonna be our loss.
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