Pirate copies of MS Office, why use it?

@janytt (146)
October 28, 2006 6:42pm CST
I know a lot of peoples have illegal copies of Microsoft Office, but I don't understand why? Of course; they want to open MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-Powerpoint files, maybe even MS-Access databases, but I still don't understand why anyone care to use an illegal copy of Microsoft Office. I have a licensed copy, but it's the most memory consuming software I have on my computer. It really takes it all ;) Open Office is a light software comparing MS Office. Not light in functionality, but in use of memory. It does open and save all MS files. It doesn't have an e-mail client, but Mozilla's Thunderbird is in my opinion a much better choise than MS Outlook or Outlook express. Open Office is available for free: http://www.openoffice.org/ Mozilla's Thunderbird is also free: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/thunderbird/ If you need the calendar in Outlook, you'll find an alterative on the Mozilla site. So, if you are using a legal or illegal (don't mention this in your reply) version of MS Office, are you happy with this package, or would you consider something else?
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