What was the best part about your Thanksgiving experience this year?

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November 24, 2007 2:15am CST
Mine was me actually making the turkey. My sister and I made the turkey for the very first time this year. And may I add, it was greattttt. It was suppose to be mom who was to make the turkey but something came up and the responsibility was left on our not so capable hands LOL. Mind you we never cooked the turkey before nor did we actually help with it. It was gross sticking your hands inside and turkey. I nominated my sister to do that part LOL. She was gross out she kept saying this is so gross and that she feels like she was violating the turkey in some way. LOL she didn't really have any turkey that day. She cleaned it (the tough part) rubbed sea salt and peper on it. I then made up my own concoction of different herbs to paste all over the turkey. She cut up veggies and I did the stuffing of the turkey. It was gross but funny watching my sister. But the best part would be setting a small table for the little ones to sit and eat while the adults were close by on our own table. What was your best part about TG day?
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@isaiah12 (417)
• United States
24 Nov 07
I went to my oldest daughter's house. Her and her husband fixed the Thanksgiving meal. My youngest daughter was their also with her three year old daughter. So my two year old grandson (oldest daughter's child) and granddaughter pulled me into the grandson's room to play with them. I had the fun of playing with the grandchildren while others did the work!
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25 Nov 07
Wow, sounds like a tons of fun. That is how it should be. We let our mother take a break from her daily cooking choirs as well. She enjoyed playing with the grandkids and watching a little TV as well. She also got to sample and input some request as to what she want us to prepare for dinner.