can i feed my pets with ice cream?? if yes which quality is better?

November 24, 2007 4:21am CST
give me some ideas abt it plz
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@buenavida (9655)
• Sweden
14 Dec 07
I donĀ“t think ice cream is good for any pet. It contains sugar or even worse, an artificial sweetener, and that is not good for people either, much less for animals. There are lots of information about how to feed animals, so you will easily find some good suggestions on the net or some book.
• United States
25 Nov 07
dog's stomachs do not easily tolerate the lactose in ice cream. In addition, the sugar is not good for most animals. Please be careful when deciding to give your pets ice cream. not all "people food" is good for them
• China
24 Nov 07
no, i think don't do that .
@wiccania (3360)
• United States
24 Nov 07
They sell ice cream specially made for dogs. It doesnt' have the stuff in people ice cream that is hard on a dogs stomach and it's a nice refreshing treat in the summer. I get it for my dog all the time. In the summer he gets it once or twice a week. In the winter a little less than once a week. He loves it.
• United States
24 Nov 07
I give both my cat and dog yogurt and they love it. I also give them about a half a scoop of ice cream if I am eating that but please be careful NOT to give them chocolate. I'm not sure about cats, but I know that chocolate is not good at all for dogs. ~Donna
@lilaclady (28227)
• Australia
24 Nov 07
hmm I don't see why not, I read in a magazine that a vet suggested maling meat ice blocks for dogs in summer, it cool them down and gives them something to do licking the ice from the meat...