Is Brenda coming back? Do you want her to?

@coffeebreak (17811)
United States
November 24, 2007 6:01pm CST
Skuttlebut is that they might bring back Brenda! UGGGHHH!! More potty breaks for me! I did not care at all for that character! WIth Jax nad Sonny married, she'll probably make Jason deal with her - they were married when she left, and it never said if there was a divorce. ANd when Carly found tht marriage license to use to see Jason in jail ..... They had the character on "night Shift" and in a burn accident, so they haven't said if the Vanessa Marcil will be hte character, but with a burn incident - a good soapy way to bring back a character using another actress. I know I am in a minority of not liking Brenda - never saw what the intense rage was between her and Sonny but to each her own! I would like to see Jason with someone he deserves, and so far Sam was that before it all fell apart. What do you think?
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@MissyK (52)
• United States
14 Aug 08
"Brenda returns!" rumors have been going around for years. Your post was only 9 months ago, and obviously Brenda did NOT return on Night Shift, but the rumors are back once again. I liked her in the 90s. I think Vanessa is a pretty darn good actress. I don't see her wanting to return now that she's gotten a more noticeable role in prime-time television. But, then again, she did return in 2002 after Beverly Hills 90210 was canceled. I HATED that return. She didn't stay long and I hated how the show bent over backwards to accommodate her over-hyped character. I hated how Jax dropped Skye for Brenda, either. IF she comes back, I hope the show doesn't make everything revolving around her. That was the big problem with her return in 2002.