I'm highly motivated now but I can't sleep easily in return

November 24, 2007 11:50pm CST
Maybe some of you ever had experienced like me. Due to highly load of jobs and sales target, I'm usually discipline doing my tasks. The positive side of my life, I become highly motivated and always try my best, even sometimes I'm so tired. The negative is, during the night, when it's time to sleep, I could not easily sleep. There're such thinking in my mind about what's next tomorrow. This kind of thinking always stay i my mind, I don't want to consume any sleep pills like esilgan anymore, it made my tongue goes dry in the morning. I also try different methods like drinking milk, consume apple, listening to down tempo music, turn of the light, keep everything silent, it's not make me sleep easily. I have a lot of activity during the day, I think this should put me tired at night at sleep easily, wake up earlier in the morning. Please give me some suggestions, thank you so much.
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