The reverse of Diabetic

Fruits the best medicine - For all kinds of health problem that we encounter in life we spend a lot of money for medicine but if we only know that fruits is the best medicine or weapon to keep away from the sickness.
November 25, 2007 3:28am CST
For all kind of sickness for today diabetes is one of the dangerous one..but what can you say when someone get the reverse one of these, i mean high in insuline and not for sugar, how can we cure this? The sympthoms are: 1. dizziness 2. vomiting 3. frequent use of bathroom 4. weakness 5. doesnt have appetite on eating The physicians prescription? " Eat something sweet" only... so what can you say? about gaining weight?
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@Ohara_1983 (4119)
• Kuwait
25 Nov 07
if you will not follow the doctors intruction regarding your diet of course you feel those symtoms again & again, if your sugar is low you need to take insulin or sweet but dont take much because samething will happen like those symtoms.certainly will not affect your weight.
@faith210 (11232)
• Philippines
25 Nov 07
Hi annettenasser! I guess I am lucky that I am not diabetic and also won't be at risk in the reverse condition of the illness. However if i will be in that kind of condition, i think it would be eating right right and follow the doctor's order by the book because i really don't like to take more risk with my health. And if one of the effects will be gaining weight, I guess i will just accept that fact or else have my health in constant danger of making my condition get worse. Take care and have a nice day. :)
@zzn303 (86)
• China
25 Nov 07
I realy do not know what is wrong.Maybe it is the internal secretion that is disordered.So going to see a doctor is the best way.Best wishes.