Who is healthy " normal person "who is said to be litlle fatty or a thin ?

November 26, 2007 8:03am CST
When i thought about a definition of ahealthy person we think a slightly fatty people as most healthy and a thin person as weak in health?How can we say a person is fit whether he is a fatty or thin?
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@Sillychick (3279)
• United States
26 Nov 07
Weight is not the only, and not even the most important, predictor of health. People of all sizes can be healthy. However, people who are one extreme or the other just look unhealthy. If a person can't walk up a flight of stairs because the extra weight causes shortness of breath, or looks like they don't have the strength to climb a flight of stairs because they are so underweight, we can't help but think they are unhealthy. In many cases, they probably are in poor health. It's not fair to judge people like that, but we, as humans and as a society, can't help ourselves.
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@alamode (3071)
• United States
20 Dec 07
A little extra weight can be more healthy, especially if a person gets sick. At this time of year, when flu and pneumonia are just waiting to strike, a 'little extra' can make a big difference in recovery. But going for a good overall balance in the size and shape of the body is always the best and healthiest way to be.
@rb200406 (1824)
• India
30 Nov 07
Too much of anything is not good.When you are too thin or too fat it is a sign of somethinmg wrong.A very fat person can be unhealthy or weak like a very thin person.Don't go for looks.Always remember that health is something which cannot be seen.