mother's love - uconditional love
November 26, 2007 8:23am CST
What it is and is Not People talk endlessly about love, but what is it? Where can it be found? The True Source of Love To most people, love remains a mystery. It is rarely compared to anything other than a physical/chemical attraction between a man and woman. In Modern Dating the term Love with romantic relationships,several new trends in dating appeared. Computer dating services now offer sophisticated method of matching people based on questionaires measuring compatibility. Without talking to or in some cases even seeing the other party, one can be matched with a list of possible candidates for a date. Speed dating is another trend for the "do it now" generation of professionals with busy, upwardly mobile careers. In Arizona, participants of this trend took a bus ride around the Phoenix metropolitan area. As the bus made its stops, the men would move to a different seat and have a few minutes to get acquainted with each woman. The trip eventually allowed all participants to interview each other. Many were divorced, hoping to find someone for a new relationship. Is this formula is finding True Love? As for me the greatest expression of love among human beings is A mother's Love for her Child. Yet even the love of a mother is ultimately based on self interest: a mother is naturally more concerned over her own child than someone else's.
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