Do you think money is important to be happy?

@mari123 (1862)
November 26, 2007 9:05pm CST
Do you think money is important to be happy?I think that the money is not the most important thing in life but... is necesary, for surviving!what do you think about money.
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@nengs10 (3188)
• Philippines
27 Nov 07
According to my professor before, money is next to God. I really agree with that. Without money, you're nothing in this world. We need money to survive. I am just being practical here. Of course, we also need those things that money cannot buy like our family, etc. Hence, money speaks it all. You can buy and share whatever you have with it.
• United States
27 Nov 07
it is the root of some hard to believe stuff. It can get you in a lot of trouble. It can feed your family and provide their needs. It will pay for college when a grant won't be given. It is the only way to survive in this day and age.
@dreamy1 (3815)
• United States
27 Nov 07
Yes. You need money to survive. Money buys your food it buys a roof over your head, clothes on your back. With that said money is not the most important thing in life but if you have money it certainly makes your life much easier. Money to me is freedom. If you have money you can do the things and lead the life you really want. Compare it to someone just living paycheck to paycheck they may be happy about certain things in their life but I'm sure they'd be a lot happier knowing that with more money they'd be a lot happier about not having to struggle so much.
• Malaysia
27 Nov 07
Hello and Hi mari. I think money is important. What will happen if we didn't have money?? Nothing can be done because now money is the first thing if we look at someone. Without many nobody would look at us. Nowadays everything need money although you talk about love. Life will gonna be empty without love, but love will gonna be empty without money. Marriage couple will divorce just because money issues. For me money is important! HAPPY LUCKY **prettyhanan**
@ssh123 (31096)
• India
27 Nov 07
If any one says it is not important, please give their address to me, I will have it collected from them to give more happiness to them!! Money is medium of exchange and it is required life for every minute of our activity. How much is enough money for a person cannot be defined, unless that person's requirement is known. Hence people continue to earn money, in the process they ignore the happiness. Greater happiness comes when one works hard, with sincerity and dedication and maintain a good relations with fellow human beings.