Beware of

Beware of Quizpoints - Quizpoints the international members nightmare.
@ptotheb (230)
New Zealand
November 27, 2007 4:13pm CST
Quizpoints to this day was by far my favorite GPT site, it had a good database and some good offers too. However a while ago when I asked for my first payment the site banned me. I lost all my points and didn't even get my reward, Furious, I asked the help desk Why this has happened. and they quite Blatantly replied that I'm an international member. Hell I was pissed off. If Quizpoints is open to US only why in the world do they allow international sign ups in the first place? The answer is simple, take me for an example, I signed up and did loads of surveys and offers ( the money all going to quizpoints ) and I even got huge referrals almost 20. After everything I've done I get ditched! all the cash going to quizpoints and none whatsoever for me. So if you are and international member ( outside of the US) forget about it NOW! If you haven't signed up, well don't bother. I hope all my non-US mylotters take this into consideration.
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