How can the bible be the word of God?

United States
November 28, 2007 4:16am CST
The christian right in the country will tell you that the bible is the infallable word of god, period. Questioning that assertation is a sin. But let's put faith and religion aside for a moment and answer these questions. 1. The story of Judas differs in two stories in the bible, one in the gospels and one in acts. In one story he hangs himself, the other he just falls dead and his insides burst open. One story the field is purchased BY HIM before his death, the other by the priests after his death. 2. Anyone with an ounce of objectivity will conclude the story of noah's ark nothing more than a plagerized account of the epic of gilgamesh, a story written some three thousand years before the bible. 3. Gospels and other books have been found in recent past written by early christians, some of which directly contradict what is in the "accepted" version of the bible. I'm not trying to knock the bible or christianity here. Faith is a very personal issue and I'm not trying to say anybody is wrong by believing anything. What I am saying is this... How can a rational person say the book is the infallable word of god with all of these incosistancies staring right at them? If it were the word of god, don't you think he would have gotten the stories straight? Wouldn't he have written his own rather than steal them from an earlier culture?
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@tocquevil (157)
• China
26 Mar 13
According to Marx,religion is nothing but opium used by the ruling class to numb the oppressed
@Alechin (217)
• Slovak Republic
4 Apr 13
According to me, Marx is nothing but the ruling class trying to usurp power of the masses for himself.
@Alechin (217)
• Slovak Republic
25 Mar 13
I am a medical doctor, young, male. Living in Europe. I dont like to attend ceremons in my local church. They are simply too long for me. I am a religious persona nonetheless. I come from a deeply roman-catholic family. My dad is a politiacian for christian-democrats. I believe in God. But I do know bible was written by men. I dont know whether you are familiar with the sitz-in-leben principle, which is the principle of divine inspiration, that does not simply dictate the inspired text to a man writing it, but allows him to translate the dogma to his timeframe. Inaccuracies are permitted. 1. The story of Judas is an example of betrayal and the punishment that Judas has to endure for his crime. His story is fairly inconsistent to the point that many believe that Judas is not an actual historical figure. Church is not even in agreement as to what his fate should be... Is he in hell or in heaven? 2. The story of Noahs ark is featured in the mythology of all the mediterranean nations - babylonians, egyptians, judeans, phoenicians - must have been a real event. The story was so popular, that it translated into bible. 3. These gospels were not accepted by early church. Doesnt mean they are not authentic. What I want to say is. that world would be a better place if the people going to church would spend less time listening to bible and accepting it letter by letter and rather would start applying the moral principles outside the church. Whenever I go to church (not often) I do see all the mafiosos, corrupt politicians, womanizers and so on... Once they leave the church bible is forgotten.
@FireHorse (293)
• United States
29 Nov 07
As a former fundementalist christian, I can tell you that they have the uncanny ability to blindly accept dogma without critical thought. They will accept the word of their preacher without question when he says you must believe the bible word for word. The never question this idea, it's glossed over by saying you must "rightly discern the word of god". No one ever questions the fact that the book of Revelations must be interpretted while the book of Genesis is taken literally, word for word.