what you will do if your parents divorce ?

@benjrets (217)
November 28, 2007 1:29pm CST
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• Indonesia
10 Dec 07
My parents divorced 6 years ago. But they were start fighting since I was in elementary school. For me, my life is mine and let they have their own life. Their divorce not bother me much, I can still run my life like usual. Cause future is mine, and it would be made it by my own hand. I won't ruin my life cause this thing!
• China
29 Nov 07
i live in a happy and stable family.my parents are now nearly 50 years old and they still love each other,not passionately of course,but more contemplatively.so i never thought what i would do if they divorce since it seems there is no chance of their divorce.but i think what children can do is limited,though to some extent couples try to maintain their marriage only because they've had children(it is so in China,but i guess it is not necessarily true abroad).Children cannot mend the dents in their parents' relationships and in some way they are the most aggrieved in a divorce.
@myrrhyne (107)
• Philippines
29 Nov 07
My parents got separated. Since there is no divorce here in the Philippines they separated for about 20 years already. My mother leave us with my father. But we are still young so we donot know what was happening to them. Later we learned that my mother was no longer living with us. we just actually accept it. My father stay with another woman/dating with another woman after 5 years they were separated. We accept the reallity. Its their happiness. Maybe they were not happy together already. They need to have another life or begin a new life. Although it hurts because we are not intact but God maybe has another plan for us. I know that both party were happy. But that was already done because my father was with the LORD now. :)
@nkhanna (925)
• India
29 Nov 07
well the first thing that i will do when i would have heard about the divorce thing going in between them is to talk to them separtely and try ot make them understand as to how much they loved each other for so long and they both really neede them.divorce is definately not a solution to marriage life.even after this they want ot go aead then i will ask them to not to do this since i need both of them's love.still if they dont then i will let them do so.because then they are just thinking aobut themselves and not about me.because children has the first right on his mother and father.all relations come after this.