[a bad habit to break]

what are your habit - what are you're habits?is it a good or a bad habits?
November 28, 2007 7:35pm CST
How many bad habits do you have?One,two,perhaps three if you're being totally honest.According to a study at north Dakota State university,the average number is seven and the report failed to find a single person with no bad habits at all.So why do we have all theses bad habit such as nail biting,hair twirling and foot jiggling? 'try looking at the correct name for this bad habits anxiety reducing behaviour',explains dr. stephen palmer, director of the center for stress management.'bad habits help ease our anxiety when we find ourselves in frustrating situation that are difficult to tolerate.
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@ssh123 (31096)
• India
29 Nov 07
You are right and good that you are able to quote statements from study on badhabits by North Dakota State University. I also agree with you that no one can say he/she has no bad habit. I have from chldhood days, a habit of peeling of lip skin, whenever I am in deep thinking or worries. Though I am slowly giving up that habit,enough damage has been done. The skin looks as though I am experiencing leukoderma!! My son is having the habit offoot jiggling. I noticed that he does is at extraneous circumstances like when he is too happy or when heis tensed up or when he struglling to answer a question. Thanks for a nice post.
• Philippines
29 Nov 07
oh really! but thanks, coz i helped you by using this good topic and for posting this good discussion. thanks for your good response,have a nice day and keep in touch.
• Malaysia
29 Nov 07
Hello and Hi reanicah. I got two bad habit that I realize myself. I am a lazy and not being good in time management. Sometimes I fell so embarrassing when my friends or my family members admonish about that. I have tried to change it but failed. I think I need someone to guide me to be better. HAPPY LUCKY. **prettyhanan**