Reduce irritation

November 28, 2007 8:29pm CST
How do you reduce irritation when shaving? What is this business about wet-shaving? Which is better? How often should you shave-is it good/healthy to perform it everyday? Do you use cream-doesn't that make your hair 'green'? I appreciate all your feedback on this issue.
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• Philippines
13 Jun 10
Wet-shaving gives you the closest shave you can get. You may want to check this to know more about wet shaving.
@jglfan101 (155)
• United States
29 Nov 07
I really don't get irritated when I shave but I heard that chamomile is really good for irritated skin. You should definetly not shave everyday, it is really bad for your skin. Besides there is really no reason to since the hair will not grow back that quick. I shave every other day, sometimes I only shave my legs once a week because that is all that is needed. Thankfully I do not get prickly hair when it grows back and I hardly have any hair so once a week is good for me. If you get razor stuble or if your hair grows back fast I would recommend shaving every other day. Not every day. I would also recommend the intuition razor. It works really good. It is the razor that does not need shaving cream because it has it around the razor. I have very good results with this razor.
@Netsbridge (3241)
• United States
29 Nov 07
Firstly, I always use a shape razor. Secondly, I simply soap with whatever I am bathing with and shave! I have no problems with irritations or bumps.
@AD11RGUY (1266)
• United States
29 Nov 07
Dude! I've done all the creams and lotions, cold and heated. I have found the best remedy is to shave in the shower. Wet your face a few times while you're soaking your body. Once you lather up your upper torsel, take the cloth and wash where you'll shave (I use a body wash - easier on the skin). Grab a mirror that's waterproof (mine is off an '82 VW Vanagon - nice and large), your razor and go for it! After you're done shaving, wash your face as usual. I've never nicked myself, the cuttings are being rinsed immediately and there's no clean-up afterwards. Give it a try!