are humans genetically made to live with one partner?

November 28, 2007 9:56pm CST
This is a question that always makes me thinking. Why are tendencies for ppl (both man and woman) to look outside exisiting relationships? Who decided that we be in relationship with one person? Are these societal rules? What are the basis for the rules? IS there logic to it? If yes, what is logic? Many animals/mammals on earth dont have just one partner, why do we? appreciate your thoughts.
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@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
30 Nov 07
A good amount of research and analysis says that BOTH genders are not genetically monogamous. Put simply, men want to have a lot of procreation to ensure their traits are passed on through offspring. Women have a lot of partners to ensure conception and they select the most viable males to have the most viable offspring. In today's world society, ethics and things like this ensure more monogamy instead of polygamous acts. Also, the animal kingdom is more survival of the fittest. Human society is more about growth and civility (don't ask me about societal formation and maintenance because that'll take a while...). Rules and laws set up to prevent people from seriously trespassing on others and protecting the race in general. It does make me think though. I wonder what the state of mankind would be without society, ethics, morality, religion.