How can i get paint out of my carpet?

United States
November 29, 2007 12:33pm CST
So it turns out im not the best painter after all. Some how I managed to get hot pink paint all over my daughters floor. Bad thing is I should have asked a long time ago, seeing as the paint is still on the carpet covered by a dresser.. I can honestly say i did try and clean it up. but had no luck. before i begin on my next painting adventure, anyone have any tips on how to get paint out of the carpet. Im sure there will be many more paint spots to come.
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29 Nov 07
It depends what sort of paint it is. Is it gloss or emulsion?
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29 Nov 07
i dont think it's either. I bought the disney latex paint. :S
29 Nov 07
I think you r best bet is to read on the tin what they recommend for cleaning your brushes after use and use that. Better still cover your carpets more thoroughly!