reward/incentive sites

United States
November 29, 2007 12:44pm CST
I am looking into creating my own reward/incentive site or network of sites. Problem is that the more I research it to figure out how to start the more confused I get!!! I see info about getting scripts from places like shiftcode, fsrevolution, scriptsrus, tap scripts, cash crusaders and more. But I am not sure which one to choose. For some it is simple because I just cannot afford them (like fsrevolution which is crazy expensive!) but for the other ones- I am having trouble figuring out what I need and/or want. I am hoping to make it a multi-incentive site. Cash back shopping, get paid to, points for rewards, an affiliate or referral program and all of that good stuff. I also know I need a domain name. How do I do that if I want multiple names...Using my mylot username say I wanted sort of separate sites for each incentive- like, Do I need to buy separate domain names? Or does it have something to do with who and what I choose for hosting? And what does the hosting cover? Do I need to use a specific host when I buy a script? And I don't know what hosting level to choose. I am pretty sure I don't want the cheapest. And what does the hosting cover? What extras do I need to buy and where do I go to get them? Is there a place where I can buy each specific thing I want to add on as I need it? I might need to do it that way to save on upfront costs. If anyone knows the answers to any of these questions or knows where to send me to find these answers it would be greatly appreciated!!! I'd really like to get started as soon as possible!
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