When do you start listing Spring/Summer clothing for sale on Ebay?

@sedel1027 (17851)
United States
November 30, 2007 10:15am CST
This year I sold a lot of cold weather clothing online. I would like to do the same for warmer weather clothing as well. How do you decide when to do this? For example, in the South it is still pretty warm, we have had 1 cold day (my hubby is still wearing shorts) so people down here may still be interested in short sleeves. However people in the North may not be interested until March or April. Any ideas?
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30 Nov 07
I would start to sell the warm weather clothing sometime in January. The retail stores start bringing them out around mid-late January after the clearance sales. I would make sense for you to do it then, because people like me are also doing their winter vacations. I have had customers from my newspaper business who traveled with their families primarily starting in February but peaking at Eastertime. People are doing their cruises, going to their timeshares, condos, and ofcourse, don't forget the Spring Breakers who flee to the warm weather starting in February. So why not line everything up and get ready to sell in Mid-January! Good luck to you!!!!
@sunshine4 (8707)
• United States
30 Nov 07
That is great that you are able to sell clothing on ebay. I should really do this with my daughters clothes that she outgrew. I would probably start selling spring items after the first of the year. This is when people are focused on vacationing and may be looking for summer items that aren't available in stores yet.
@cher913 (25865)
• Canada
30 Nov 07
i would start in january. after all, thats when stores here start bringing out their spring stuff (i live in canada. also that way you hit the 'going south'/cruise crowd as well.