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November 30, 2007 1:15pm CST
I have to admit he really stepped it up big time when he had match with Angle. This match I think is going to help him in the long run and give him a chance to become a top player in TNA. For a while, I thought he was going nowhere and he kept gettimg beat on a regular basis and was a jobber for a while. Do you think he'll go somewhere big and be involved in top angles with other top stars? I think he should. As of late, he's really stepping up and I wouldn't be surprised that eventually he gets a run as Heavyweight Champion. I know he was X-Division Champ but I think they may give him a Heavyweight Title run for some reason. What do you think the Future holds for him? Does it look good or does it look grim? At this moment, I think good. Performance wise, he's shown he can have good matches with top guys like Christian Cage or Kurt Angle recently. If he can do that more with other top talent, then I'm sure he'll get that chance to see what he can do as a champion. He may become the breakthrough star of 2008 but it is way too early to say. A lot can happen but hopefully it goes into a positive direction. He's got the talent to do so. Whether or not they give him a chance is another story. Does the Future look bright or does it simply look dark? You decide.
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@redfang (969)
23 Feb 08
I remember this match fondley. When kaz was with raven he was a right plonker but since he has come out on his own he has really impressed the fans and gained alot of favour with them. I'm not keen on the story line with him and blackrain AKA dusty rhodes that to me just seems stupid and i would really like to see the pair of them go into a street fight or hardcore match and beat the living poop out of each other. I think Kaz is a future champion in the making as long as he doens't become to cockey and think he's gods gift to wrestling like angle has done, if he plays it right he will have a very good fan base an a great deal of favouritism for himself as well. I will be watching his career with great anticipation.