'I'm A Pervert,' Burglary Suspect Says

United States
November 30, 2007 1:18pm CST
http://www.local6.com/spotlight/14714990/detail.html Oh my goodness is this guy for real? I would love to know how the homeowner didnt wake up. Im a very light sleeper and if someone was jerking off and taking pics I would hear it. People are just so werid these days.
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@slickcut (8141)
• United States
30 Nov 07
I think i would also know if someone was in my house...Chances are this guy would not have broken into the house,had the door been locked.My question is why would anyone go to bed and fall asleep with an open door...??????? it could be true , he may have known he was a pervert and maybe he wanted to be caught..Thats the only way anyone with these types of problems can get help, they have to commit a crime in order to get treatment for their problems...
• United States
1 Dec 07
sad but true.
@lizzyt2007 (1312)
• Craig, Alaska
30 Nov 07
I know what you mean. I am a light sleeper and I want to know how the household didn't hear anything and didn't wake up. this story just tells us all how stupid criminals can be. Why couldn't the person do this in his own home or go find some action for himself that don't involve burglary. All I can say is Idiot!
• United States
1 Dec 07
Yes he was a idiot.
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17 Dec 07
"People" have been weird for years, is only now that these days it's easier to hear about these stories. At the time I thought it would be some burglar lieing to get of with a charge by saying he was a pervert. (nearly said, would that work? IMO it's worse) althogh reading what you've typed the guy sounds like he needs more than just help. it's pretty mad ~Joey
@faith210 (11224)
• Philippines
2 Dec 07
Hi Lifez2short! haha...That guy is sick! I am a light sleeper when my husband is not home. I wake up in every slightest movement and faintest sound. And i think if ever somebody gets inside our house, i will know soon enough before he even tried to do his thing. haha..But of course i will be very nervous but will be ready to hit him with my bat. I can only sleep like a baby when my husband is home. Take care and have a nice day.